The Bobo French Library

$22.00 / month


Learning through stories is the most efficient way to become fluent in French. It is also the most natural way as our brains are pre-wired to learn through stories and to remember them.

Inside the Bobo French Library, you will not only find stories written in a comprehensible French for Beginner to Advanced levels, you will also find historical stories that will reveal to you some important historical moments and figures part of the French culture and even some secrets about the French.

Every month, you will have access to a new French short story. You will have access to the audiobook, the eBook in a pdf format with embedded glossaries and captioned pictures, the lesson to help you fully understand the story and learn new vocabulary, grammatical structures and colloquial expressions, and the worksheet to practice at your own pace.

Inside your Bobo French Library, you will be able to:

  • Access your monthly French short story (Audiobook + eBook)

  • Practice with the included lesson related to the story and the worksheet.

french worksheek

  • Download your Language Habit Journal to track your progress and set your goals for a year

language habit journal

  • Join our amazing Bobo community and find a speaking partner.