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La Legende de Crepe Suzette Cover

Access the French Short stories and the eBook Courses

Every month, you will have access to a new short story in French. You can listen to the audiobook, read the story and do the worksheet at your own pace. The eBook is in a pdf format with embedded glossaries and captioned pictures.

Stories included in the Bobo membership: La légende de la crêpe Suzette, Marie-Antoinette et le scandale du collier de diamants, Le verbe Etre, Le verbe Avoir, L'arrestation d'Arsène Lupin, Le Petit Prince, Les Misérables, Madame Bovary...

The stories from the Bobo Library are targeting Beginners to Lower Intermediate learners, but it could totally satisfy Upper Intermediate as well.

The stories are loaded with Comprehensible, tageted Input (understandable words, sentences, grammaticale structures).


Acquire French naturally with the eBook Lessons

Every month, along with your new French short story, you'll get access to the eBook lesson, a lesson related to the story you just read.  I call those lessons "Circling questions". The circling is an instructional practice of using a specific statement in the target language, and then asking a series of questions about that statement, in the target language as well. It gives you a lot of repetitions of comprehensible input. This is the most natural way to learn French, and it's scientifically  proven.

You can read more about the "Retrieval practice methode" and "Comprehensible Input approach" here

Plus, you can download and print the lesson notes!

french worksheek

Practice with the worksheets

If you are like me, you like to make sure you understood what you just learned. That's why, I have included some exercises to quickly challenge yourself. The exercises are not really part of the Comprehensible Input approach, they are a more traditionnal way to learn a language, but why not mixing up different ways to learn just a little!


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Find a “Conversation Partner”

Within the private Facebook group, you will have access to the "Find a Conversation Partner" search sheet. Find someone that shares the same interests with you, that has the same level of profiency in French and discuss whatever topics you choose. 

The Bobo French Library Lessons

Histoire n°1 – La légende de la crêpe Suzette

Histoire n°2 – Marie-Antoinette et le scandale du collier de diamants

Histoire n°3 – Mini story about the verb Être (to be)

Histoire n°4 – Mini story about the verb Avoir (to have)

Histoire n°5 – L’arrestation d’Arsène Lupin

Histoire n°6 – Le Petit Prince (embedded stories of the first chapter)

Histoire n°7 – Les misérables (long summary)

Histoire n°8 – Madame Bovary (long summary)