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Realize the full potential of your brain to learn French in the most natural & relaxing way. Learning a language by reading and storytelling is known to be the most efficient learning strategy. The Bobo French Library is full of stories written with you in mind.
And the Bobo Courses are specifically designed for adult learners. It applies how the adult brain works to learn a foreign language for a lifetime, also throught storytelling.

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Bonjour, I’m Debora, a course designer and a passionate French teacher. I’m here to help you gain power and confidence in French through the Bobo French program. As a native speaker and expert in cognitive science, I make learning a foreign language easy and natural!
I am your French teacher, your French coach and your best support for this beautiful learning adventure.

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“I help you retrieve knowledge throughout the lessons, and it will improve your capabilities to retrieve it again in the future.”

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